Happy Birth Way offers childbirth classes and doula support to pregnant and new parents in the Tampa Bay area on Florida’s west coast.  Founder June Connell, certified by the International Childbirth Education Association, DONA International, Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga (Hatha), and Yoga Alliance (Kundalini), leads a team of experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable birth professionals.

“Expectant moms have their hands full preparing for a new baby,” says June.  “Happy Birth Way makes it easy for them to find a great birth class, and outstanding doula support for their birth and the first few months with their newborn.”

Personal Story

“The birth class we took during my first pregnancy left us with just a vague idea of what to expect in labor, so we were really unprepared for the fast labor and complications that shouldn’t have been complications at all.  They eventually used forceps to help me birth my son, making for a tough recovery from an episiotomy and lingering emotional trauma that took years to recognize and accept.  Fortunately, my baby was healthy, but we missed the first few hours of his life together since he was rushed off to the NICU.

“When I got pregnant the second time, I took a Bradley Method class, and it really prepared me for how to handle an even faster labor (an hour and 15 minutes — really!).  When I went into labor in my kitchen a week before my due date, I knew just how to use my breath to relax while I waited for my husband to come home.  At the hospital with our midwife, there were no forceps, no episiotomy, and no tearing.  The recovery was fast, and caring for my new baby was much easier.

There is no doubt that my contrasting birth experiences were intended to lead to me to become a childbirth educator.  With my Bradley certification (2006), ICEA certification (2009), doula certification from DONA International (2010) and yoga certification through Yoga Alliance (2010), I can now help other women learn what to expect in labor so they can make informed decisions that can help them have a positive birth experience.”

The Happy Birth Way Philosophy

Life is inherently unpredictable.  So is childbirth.  Happy Birth Way helps prepare women and their birth partners for whatever physical and emotional challenges they may face in labor so they can make informed, personal decisions that result in the most positive, happiest birth experience.

Happy Birth Way’s mission is simple: to empower women to create a foundation for a happy family.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help you in pregnancy, labor and beyond.