Amazing Labor Support

Creating a safe space for a laboring woman is the greatest gift a dad, partner or other labor supporter can offer.

In a recent class, the dads and one grandmother-to-be got together, and using each letter of the word SUPPORT, they made a list of words to describe how they plan to support their wives, partners and daughter.  Their insights and sensitivity were fantastic:

S:  Speak, Silence, Sustenance, Strength

U:  Understanding, Useful

P:  Patience, Preparation, Pampering

P:  Positions, Positive, Prepared

O:  Options, Opinions, Obey, Organized

R:  Respect, Resources, Readiness

T:  Trust, Time, Temperance, Tolerance

Fathers-to-be, grandmothers-to-be, and moms-to-be are all preparing to share in one of the most sacred events of their lives.  It is inspring to see them unfold into their roles with such love and depth.