Sex: In Pregnancy and After Baby

Sex — whether to have it, when to have it, how much to have it — during pregnancy and in the first few months after a baby is born, is on a lot of parents’ minds, but it isn’t usually a topic of conversation with an obstetrician or midwife.  I just came across this fantastic article […]

White Coat Syndrome

I remember learning about “white coat syndrome” in my childbirth education training, a situation where a pregnant mom will go along with what her physician says simply because he or she is the physician, even if the suggested interventions are counter to the woman’s birth preferences. Here’s an example, an actual story of a young woman […]

Autism/Induction Link?

One in 88 children in the United States is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  A new study has found a possible link between Autism Spectrum Disorder and drugs that are commonly used to induce labor. In the latest issue of JAMA Pediatrics, researchers report their analysis of more than 600,000 labors and births, some naturally-occuring, others induced, […]

Painless Labor: Not a Top Priority

Epidural or not?  It’s one of the top questions pregnant women ask their OB, midwife, doula, friends and relatives.  The thinking here is that a pain-free birth equates to a happy birth. But interestingly, according to Dr. Mark Sloan, MD, author of Birth Day*, pain relief ranks fourth in postpartum satisfaction surveys both here and around […]

90-Seconds to a Healthier Baby

90-seconds.  That’s it.  Just a minute and a half.  That’s about how long it takes for the blood to flow from the placenta through a newborn’s umbilical cord and to the newborn baby. Incredibly, in the seconds after a baby is born, child expert Dr. Green says that a full one-third of the baby’s blood remains in the placenta, so […]

Practice for Labor

If someone were to tell me that they were going to climb Mt. Everest, I would ask them how they are preparing for that journey: what tools are they gathering, where can they practice their climbing techniques and how can they simulate the experience of the dramatic change in elevation? I ask similar questions of […]


My students have a sense of humor.  In one of our classes, the dads and other labor partners came up with a list of ways they can support mom in labor.  Using the word “support” as their guide, they made their list and had us roaring as they shared it with us.  It’s funny but […]

Symptoms of Preeclampsia

May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month. The word “preeclampsia” comes from the Greeks and means “before the lightning,” because preeclampsia strikes suddenly and often with little or no warning. Its two most common symptoms are high blood pressure and protein in the urine. Other symptoms include:   Blurred vision Sudden and severe swelling Mental confusion Changes […]

Baby Izzy

This beautiful little girl, nicknamed Izzy, came into the world in early March.  Her mom and dad, Tessa and Chris, are showering her with love and introducing her to the world of horses. She’ll be riding in no time! Welcome, Izzy!  I look forward to meeting you at the Baby & Me class at Yoga Village!

Lower Cesarean Rate with a Doula

A new study in the American Journal of Public Health has found that women who receive Medicaid benefits and who have a doula present at their birth have far less risk of a cesarean birth than Medicaid recipients who do not have the continuous comfort of a doula. The study, done by researchers at the University […]