The Natural Cesarean

About a third of all women who birth at hospitals in the Tampa Bay area deliver their babies via cesarean surgery. While some of those surgeries are true emergencies that arise during labor, many are cesareans that can be planned, such as when a baby is breech or a mom is carrying twins. Some women […]

Why Take a Birth Class?

Have you ever gone into a new situation without knowing anything about what was going to happen?  It drums up fear, creates anxiety, and can leave us at a loss to make a good decision if things don’t go as planned. Same thing in childbirth:  if a mom doesn’t know how her body will change physically […]

One Day Birth Class

If you’re getting close to your due date and still haven’t found a birth class, you’re in luck!  Happy Birth Way is offering a one-day childbirth class on Saturday, February 2, from 9am to 3:30pm in Clearwater. By the end of the class, students will know: The emotional and physical aspects of a normal, natural labor How […]

Gift Cards for the Holidays!

Give the gift of a birth class or doula support to help a mom-to-be prepare for her labor and birth!  Gift cards can be applied to private or group classes.  They are also available for Happy Birth Way classes at Breath of Life Birth Center. Click here to purchase through PayPal! Gift-givers will receive a gift […]

Amazing Labor Support

Creating a safe space for a laboring woman is the greatest gift a dad, partner or other labor supporter can offer. In a recent class, the dads and one grandmother-to-be got together, and using each letter of the word SUPPORT, they made a list of words to describe how they plan to support their wives, […]

The Necessary Cesarean

I had an interesting experience with a friend recently whose baby was in a breech position, approaching the 36 week mark, despite acupuncture, moxibustion, chiropractic adjustments, sound therapy, cold packs, and hanging half upside down off the edge of the couch.  The mom was determined to turn the baby so she could have the all-natural […]

Three Questions to Ask Before Being Induced

“So how would you like to have your baby today?” That’s the temptation many caregivers dangle in front of their 38-week plus pregnant moms, an enticing offer when mom is feeling huge, isn’t sleeping well, and has been saying for weeks that she “wants this baby out!” But an elective labor induction, one that is […]