About 98% of women in the United States have their babies in a hospital.  Many need or want the medical interventions that are available, but some want to have a natural birth in a hospital since it offers the safety of the immediate interventions “just in case.”

But moms who want that natural birth experience have to learn about non-medical ways to cope with labor contractions, such as conscious breathing, and her partner will need hands-on tools such as massage techniques and positions for labor.

While birth is inherently unpredictable, and no one can be guaranteed of a natural birth experience, a woman can significantly increase her chances of a natural birth if she follows the Four Keys to a Natural Birth and these five tips:

Five tips for having a natural birth in a hospital:

  1. Take a birth class outside of the hospital
  2. Hire a birth doula for continuous labor support
  3. Create birth preferences with the help of a childbirth educator or doula
  4. Choose a practice with midwives who are trained in how to care naturally for low-risk women in labor
  5. Tour the hospital to see if they have tools that support a natural birth, such as a tub, shower, birth ball and squat bar

A totally natural birth in a hospital is not an option for women who are having a high-risk pregnancy, with conditions such as high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, placenta previa or multiples.  Some of these complications could lead to, or require, a planned cesarean birth and may require other interventions, such as IV fluids, continuous fetal monitoring, and blood pressure monitoring.  A natural birth is also not an option for women whose labors much be induced medically because of a complication. 

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