Birth Classes

Moms-to-be spend their whole pregnancy making decisions about their labor and birth:

  • Epidural or natural?
  • Birth center or hospital?
  • Midwife or obstetrician?
  • Birth doula or partner only?
  • Induce labor or let it start on its own?

Many pregnant moms rely solely on their caregiver to prepare them for labor.  While all caregivers have the health and safety of a mother and baby as their top priority, they simply don’t have the time to share the depth of information that’s available about topics like inducing labor and the risks of an epidural.  That’s why a birth class is so important.

Birth is inherently unpredictable, so knowing what to expect – and how to respond to the unexpected – is key to building a pregnant mom’s birth confidence.

Check the Birth Class Calendar for Happy Birth Way classes in the Tampa Bay area.

“The Happy Birth Way class we took was well-structured, with good hands-on experience.” — Marietta M.