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Adjusting AFTER Baby

Pregnant moms spend a lot of time learning about pregnancy, labor and birth by going to classes and Googling everything.  But a lot of my students tell me they wished they had prepared more for life AFTER baby because they found that adjusting to life with a newborn was much harder than they had expected. […]

Natural Breastfeeding

In this article, written by Nancy Mohrbacher and featured in Mothering Magazine, moms gain a whole new perspective on positions for breastfeeding and the importance of relaxing!  To read it on, click here. __________________________________________________________ This article from Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA was originally featured in Holistic Parenting magazine, Issue 9 (May/June 2015). Nancy is […]

Three Questions to Ask Before Saying Yes to Induction

“So how would you like to have your baby today?” That’s the temptation many caregivers dangle in front of their 38-week plus pregnant moms, an enticing offer when mom is feeling huge, isn’t sleeping well, and has been saying for weeks that she “wants this baby out!” But an elective labor induction, one that is […]

Three Ways Dads Can Support a Woman in Labor

I will admit it: as a brand new labor doula, it was a little daunting to be with a woman in labor for that very first time.  Thankfully, the first birth I attended was textbook, all natural with a midwife in a hospital, no complications and mom was a strong and confident laborer.  Although I […]

The Six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices

No one can predict the kind of birth experience a woman will have, but there are many things women can do in pregnancy and labor to help ensure that birth is as safe as possible and that mom and baby are healthy. Using recommendations from the World Health Organization, Lamaze International developed the “Six Lamaze […]

Eating and Drinking in Labor

As a childbirth educator and birth doula, I am frequently asked about whether and what a mom can eat or drink in labor.  In the end, the answer depends on the recommendation of a woman’s care provider, but let me share some of the statistics and facts sprinkled with a few personal experiences with doula […]

Birth Center and Home Births on the Rise

Less than a hundred years ago, most babies were born at home.  The idea of having a baby  in a hospital was preposterous!  Hospitals were for sick people, not for birthing babies. That philosophy began to shift in the 1930s when hospitals were fast becoming THE place to deliver a baby, attractive for their sterile […]

What is a Doula?

The word “doula” comes from the Greek language and means “one who serves.”  There are three kinds of doulas: Birth Doula:  Offers continuous physical and emotional support to mothers in labor Postpartum Doula:  Supports new moms in the first three months after birth Special Care Doula:  Assists parents who have lost a baby during pregnancy […]

Natural Pain Relief in Labor

When we think of pain relief in labor, an epidural is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But not every laboring mom wants to have an epidural, and even those who do will spend at least part of their time in labor without it. So how can you labor without any medical pain relief? By […]