Find a Birth Class in Tampa and Clearwater

Know before you go…into labor that is!

Taking a birth class and knowing what to expect in labor can help pregnant moms and their partners:

  • Feel more confident about their labor
  • Identify their own preferences for labor
  • Generate questions for their caregivers
  • Leave with hands-on tools for how to support mom in labor

Birth Classes in Tampa and Clearwater:


Happy Birth Way is a five-class series where parents-to-be learn the physical and emotional aspects of labor, positions and breathing for labor, massage techniques, and how partners can support mom in labor.  They also practice gentle exercises that help to soften the pelvis and encourage baby to get into a good position for labor.

Taught by Happy Birth Way Founder June Connell, classes include an audio download of Happy Birth Way’s “Everyday Practices for Labor.”   Classes are in Clearwater. Contact June Connell for more information.

PrintBirth Boot Camp is committed to training couples in natural birth and breastfeeding through accessible, contemporary education.  Birth Boot Camp is for couples — moms AND dads. You’ll learn to work together to bring your baby into this world as a team. Birth Boot Camp is a 10-week course. All students will receive the 170-page full color, professionally printed Field Manual, relaxation training, weekly links to additional reading on complementary topics, and a comprehensive breastfeeding DVD, The Ultimate MRE, taught by renowned lactation consultant, Mellanie Sheppard, ICBLC, RLC. workbook.  Classes are in Odessa.  Contact Melissa Mayer for more information.


CalmingPresence CherylCalming Presence Birth Services offers a four-week childbirth preparation class that is taught from the perspective that birth is a natural, healthy event. Techniques for natural labor management will be introduced and practiced. Partner involvement is encouraged and supported. Medical interventions will be discussed in a factual, non-biased manner, with the goal of helping parents make the best possible, informed decisions during pregnancy and birth.  Classes will be scheduled to meet your needs and conducted in the comfort of your own home.  Email Cheryl Waterbury for more information or call her at 813-546-6297.