The 5-Class Series

In the Classic Happpy Birth Way series, each class is two hours and 15 minutes and includes Happy Birth Way’s new CD, Everyday Practices for Labor, a collection of conscious breathing exercises and gentle movements which moms are encouraged to do every day.  The 5-class course covers everything to get ready for baby’s birthday:  

Water Woman Drinking

  • Conscious breathing
  • Birth options
  • Physical and emotional changes in labor
  • How to support a woman in labor
  • Positions for labor
  • Massage techniques
  • Labor rehearsal
  • Medical Pain Relief
  • Complications and variations in labor
  • Benefits of delayed cord clamping
  • Best pushing positions
  • Breastfeeding Basics

Meet the Teachers!

Pregnant Mom with Hands on BellyThe class is designed for mom and a partner, whether it’s her husband, significant other, mother, or non-pregnant friend or sister.  The 5-class series is $160/couple, with an optional $5 workbook that supports the information in class and offers online access to excellent birth videos and animations.

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“I feel encouraged, empowered and more prepared to handle contractions!”  – Joanne P.