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“Unlabored Breathing,” by June Connell, Lamaze International Blog PostWoman in Labor on Bed

“The breath is the link between the body and the mind. In the yogic philosophy, how we breathe — long and deep or short and shallow – can affect and determine our overall emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.”  Read more about the breath here.


“Yoga Can Enhance Pregnancy, Birth,” by Diane Reed, Tampa Bay Times, Personal Best, August 2014: 

Woman Meditating from Personal Best Article“‘Push! She’s almost here!’ I remember the midwife exclaiming. What happened next has a quite clinical explanation, but what I experienced went beyond the borders of science.” Read the full article here, including an important quote from Happy Birth Way founder June Connell.


Tampa Bay Baby:  “Prenatal Yoga,” Summer, 2008

Tampa Bay Baby Prenatal Yoga ArticleWhen a woman is expecting, it is, by its very definition, a time when mother and baby are joined physically in a way that is unique to pregnancy. But many believe the connection goes far beyond the physical.  Read the full article hereTampa Bay Baby Prenatal Yoga Article.


“Largo Birthing Center Helps Couples Prepare for Life-Changing Experience,” 

by Atoyia Deans, Tampa Bay Times, August, 2008:

“The Breath of Life Women’s Health Services and Birth Center, on East Bay Drive in Largo, celebrated its first Jeff and Kelly Morgan practice a relaxation exercise during a six-hour natural child birthing class in May at the Breath of Life Women’s Health Services and Birth Center on East Bay Drive in Largo. The birth center partners with childbirth educator June Connell of Happy Birthway to provide information sessions on the natural child birth experience.anniversary this month. It has had 22 births. The center partners with childbirth educator June Connell, of Happy Birth Way to provide bimonthly informational sessions on the natural birth experience.”  Read the full article here.  

(Note: Breath of Life celebrated its 600th birth in June of 2014!)


“Birth and Yoga Class Series,” a testimonial from Cynthia from class series at A Yoga Village in Clearwater:


“What on Birth is Going On?” a 2008 radio show produced and hosted by June Connell

June from radio showIn 2008, in conjunction with the Tampa Bay Birth Network, Happy Birth Way Founder and President June Connell created the Tampa Bay area’s first and only radio show about pregnancy, birth and new parenting.  With a 20-year background in radio and television production and hosting, the show was a natural extension of June’s work in the birth field.

See the Press Release here or listen to a sample of the show which aired weekly for all of 2008.  Thanks to live streaming, “What on Birth is Going On?” drew an audience from as far away as South Africa.  

This show is about the Happiest Baby on the Block, and the dangers of shaking a baby:   


“Six Positions for Labor,” by Certified Childbirth Educator June Connell

Happy Birth Way Childbirth Educator June Connell shares pictures of some of the most common positions for labor and explains why they can be helpful to mother or baby.