June Connell, the Yoga Doula

June Connell, BS, ICCE, CD(DONA), RYT-200As the founder of Happy Birth Way Birth Classes and Doula Support, I firmly believe that education is the key to having an empowering — and positive — birth experience.  Watching birth videos on YouTube is helpful to understanding birth, but it’s not going to teach a woman the significant and important details about the birth process, including how long it takes, which is usually a lot longer than the five minutes it takes to watch a YouTube video!

Knowledge reduces fear, so when a pregnant mom learns about the physical and emotional changes her body will go through in labor, it decreases anxiety and increases the appropriate labor hormones, helping a woman to labor more effectively and possibly more quickly.

I used to work in radio and TV, but after having my sons and experiencing two different kinds of births, I decided to change careers and become a childbirth educator.  That was in 2006, when I was first certified in the Bradley Method.  I am now certified to teach by the International Childbirth Education Association.  My students learn about real births through the experiences I can share as a birth doula (certified through DONA International).  As a yoga teacher (RYT-200), I incorporate conscious breathing and gentle movement in all my birth classes.

Breath and movement are two of the most important elements that allow the hormones to flow fully in labor.  I encourage pregnant women to practice both every day for labor; the mind will only remember so much once contractions begin, but the body will remember everything, including how to breathe and move, so practicing for labor is key.

I teach birth and yoga classes at Yoga Village in Clearwater, Green Locus Yoga and Organics in Tampa, and at Breath of Life Birth Center in Largo.  As an educator and as a doula, my role is to provide information that will help a woman and her partner to make the decisions that are right for them at any given point during their pregnancy or labor.  It is my privilege to uphold a woman’s birth preferences, to uplift her physically and emotionally, and to support her in discovering and expressing her personal wishes for her birth.

I support doula clients at all of the hospitals and birth centers in the Tampa Bay area, including St. Joseph’s, Tampa General, Florida Hospital, Mease Countryside, Morton Plant and Breath of Life.  I offer four options for doula support:

Doula Basics:  

  • One prenatal meeting (90 minutes)
  • Labor and Birth
  • One postpartum meeting (60-90 minutes)

Yoga Doula:  

  • Doula Basics
  • Two one-hour private yoga classes

Teaching Doula: 

  • Doula Basics
  • Two-hour private refresher birth class

The Works:  

  • Doula Basics
  • Yoga Doula
  • Teaching Doula

Email or call to set up a 15-minute phone consultation:

Email:  june@happybirthway.com

Phone:  727-515-1664

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