New Moms

Exhausted.  Excited.  Lonely.  Happy.  Nervous.

Being a new mom, especially for the first time, can bring a range of emotions and situations.  The best way to get information, advice and support is to connect with other new moms and with experts in breastfeeding and baby care.  It’s also really important for new dads to get support from other dads and from experts in fathering.

Here are a few links and resources to help new parents through the first couple of months with a new baby:

New Mom and New BabyNew Moms: 

Healing from Cesarean or Birth Trauma:

Breastfeeding Support:




Dad Kissing BabyNew Dads:

General Information:
Boot Camp for New Dads
Postpartum Depression in New Dads




If you have a resource or playgroup you would like to include on this page, let us know.