One Day Birth Class

If you’re getting close to your due date and still haven’t found a birth class, you’re in luck!  Happy Birth Way is offering a one-day childbirth class on Saturday, February 2, from 9am to 3:30pm in Clearwater.

By the end of the class, students will know:

  • The emotional and physical aspects of a normal, natural labor
  • How partners can support a laboring mom
  • Why conscious breathing is one of a laboring woman’s greatest assets
  • Daily practices to prepare for labor
  • The best positions for labor
  • The benefits and risks of epidurals and inducing labor
  • How it feels to breathe around an uncomfortable feeling in the body
  • How to prepare for the unpredictable nature of labor
  • What to expect in the first three months after baby arrives

The cost is $130, with an optional $5 workbook that includes online access to fantastic videos and animations.

Register here today!