Man and Woman OutsideMy students have a sense of humor.  In one of our classes, the dads and other labor partners came up with a list of ways they can support mom in labor.  Using the word “support” as their guide, they made their list and had us roaring as they shared it with us.  It’s funny but does serve as a reminder of what NOT to do in labor!

S.  Scream, swear and stress at my partner

U.  Undermine my partner’s requests

P.  Pressure her to finish

P.  Penalize her for her bad mood

O.  Offer advice

R.  Rest for the partner — why should HE have to stay awake too?!

T.  Take it easy:  watch the game, post to facebook, text my friends!

We were all laughing and the guys knew how wrong it all was!  It was a fun class that night, for sure.  For some real ways to support a mom in labor, read these Happy Birth Way birth stories.

One note:  sometimes the labor partner DOES have to rest or sleep so that he/she can recharge and have the energy needed to continue supporting mom during labor.  This is when it’s helpful to have a second person present for all or some of the labor.