Why Happy Birth Way?


Happy Birth Way classes offer an integrated approach to birth education to help pregnant moms and their partners prepare for labor.  Students learn conscious breathing, movements to prepare mom physically for labor, and meditation exercises to quiet the mind and increase intuition.

Happy Birth Way is research-based childbirth education, taught by certified professionals who are passionate about helping parents to make informed decisions, to be empowered to ask the questions they want answered, to create birth preferences that fit their desired birth experience, and to help them be flexible in their approach in case their birth doesn’t go as planned.

Birth Doulas

Happy Birth Way’s certified birth doulas have one goal:  to provide emotional and physical support to a laboring mom so she can have the best birth experience possible.  Our doulas walk the halls with a mom in labor, rub her hands and massage her back, work with her partner to help her change positions and hold her up during contractions, help her into the tub, encourage her with words.  Our doulas give tired partners a break for a meal, give moms a sip of water between contractions, listen when a mom whispers her needs.  They offer unbiased, fact-based information to help moms and their partners make decisions during labor, and support their choices to help make every experience as positive as possible.

Postpartum Doulas

Our postpartum doulas are there for new moms during those first few months with a new baby which can be a challenging and tiring experience for new parents.  They will share breastfeeding tips and techniques, prepare light meals, care for the baby while mom rests or showers, take care of light household chores, such as folding the baby’s laundry.

All Happy Birth Way professionals have one goal:  to empower women to create a foundation for happy family.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help you prepare for your baby’s birth:

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